$WHALE is the world's first Social Currency with a valuation that is underpinned by high-value assets that continue to grow organically through scarcity, exclusivity and market demand

Value Appreciation

The fundamental value of $WHALE will continue to grow as current NFT assets in The Vault are the rarest and most sought after NFTs from the most successful projects in Blockchain.

We will continue to reinvest at least 40% of all market making activity from $WHALE into acquiring more rare NFT assets to create a virtuous cycle of value generation for $WHALE holders and successful Blockchain projects.


We will sell NFT assets from The Vault... at the right price.

NFT assets from The Vault can only be bid, bought or acquired with $WHALE


The Vault holds some of the premium and sizable locations in Blockchain based real estate projects such as Cryptovoxels and The Sandbox.

Parcels and LANDS will only be rentable with $WHALE.

$WHALE Partners

While the fundamental value of $WHALE is driven by the scarcity of the underlying assets, incremental value will be seen by the market demand for the use of $WHALE with exclusive partners who accept $WHALE in return for goods and services.